Employee Wellness

Employee Wellbeing matters because it directly affects the actions and emotions which is reflected at the workplace. Companies should aim to improve employee morale and motivation, and improving employees quality of life. Nevoxel offers various employee wellness programs through its wellness venture –“Neera Wellness" - a wellness company which focuses on all dimensions of well- being of an individual.

Resume Writing

A resume speaks a great deal about you as a professional. It says what you have done in the past. What are you doing currently and where exactly you are heading towards? Resume plays an important role for your selection in the interview and this is where our resume writing experts comes into picture. Our experience helps in showcasing your hidden talent and skills in your cv which can catch an employer attention. Our experts provide a well-crafted Resume that gives you an edge over other applicants.

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric assessments measure a range of skills from cognitive abilities, knowledge, assessing the personality that is applicable for various job profiles the individual might be suitable for. Below are the list of few assessments that are generally being used by organisations for Recruitment, Training need analysis, Promotions, Coaching / Mentoring of their team members.

Integrity / Personality / Cognitive Ability Test

Managerial Skills Profiler

Sales Skills & Personality Profiler

Manager Blueprint

HR Assessment


Real Estate Consultancy

Nevoxel has a specialised team that looks into real estate consulting. The team has more than 2 decades of proven expertise in real estate consulting. Our experts can help the client companies acquisition of a commercial space for rental as well as outright purchase. The team also assists the candidates in finding a property for rental/ purchase and for investments.

IT Software Development services

Our expert consultants in technology have developed software products that is presently been used by MNC clients. They are adept to offer customised IT solutions that could be best suited to the organisation needs.

Some of the products developed and used by the clients are as below :

  • InspectNow.in : Offline mobile app for inspection, audit and field data collection tool
  • Mentodesk.in : Event Launch Platform
  • Gupshups.in : Online Meeting, Online Classes and recording tool
  • Maritime & Legal Consultancy

    Our associate has a vast Maritime knowledge & expertise in Maritime. With extensive experience and matchless expertise, they have been providing quality consulting service to ship owners, ship management companies and also assisting in all kinds of Legal advice within Maritime.